After decades of sustaining injuries, burns, and other maiming actions to my hands, I had enough of falsely licensed nail technicians hurting me and earned my nail tech license to do them myself.

I come from a long line of nail biters with brittle nails that peel deep within the sidewalls of our nail beds. Basically, the ‘grow them out’ option never worked for me.

Soon after graduation, I learned about the toxicity effects from various fumes of products within the industry. It was then that I wanted to open my own place that was a haven from them.

Then, after learning how many products contain irritants, allergens, and animal products, decided to keep a blog about different products I try so that when the time comes to open my salon doors, I will have all of my research done to assure my particular demographic that the products offered will be what they have been looking for. Since the industry is ever changing, I have the feeling this blog will be going strong for a looong time.

I am very open to new ideas and products, providing they meet the performance demands of a beauty industry professional. We need fast, effective, easy to master products that perform in a way that is not comparable to drugstore quality brands.

I hope anyone that’s interested in making their own purchasing impact on the beauty industry will benefit from this blog, and will learn about what products best fit their needs and ultimate goals to look and feel better from the inside out.


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