Deep Pigments, Lasting Shine, Simple Use, Durability…These Terms are Like Verbal Porn for Nail Techs.

We’re about to get into some damn sexy product in this post everybody, so get ready! This is such a welcome change too; I hit a month of buying kit after disappointing kit and was getting discouraged from finding things to invest in for my salon. Particularly for gel polishes or brush on colored gel.

In my cases of trial and error while writing this blog, I have learned a couple things about gel polishes:

  1. If the company that makes it makes anything else non-nail related, chances are the gel polish will be made in China and not be vegan or cruelty free. I learned that the hard way last year. So now I’m focusing on companies that specialize in nails to reduce the chance that I will be buying products that will be made in China. It’s not that the product doesn’t perform, but it will consistently fail to fulfill my parameters for purchasing it.
  2. Most gel polishes smell a metric shit-ton because they are not 100% gel, so they need to have a solvent in there to help evaporate the polish part.
  3. Gel Polishes are usually nail lacquer with a little bit of gel put in, when it should really be the other way around. 100% brush on colored gels will suit the needs of people looking for additional structural support to the free edge on their nails that they cannot get with standard nail polish. This lack of gel in most gel polishes result in chipping before the two week mark, along with improper application.

Akzentz Luxio Colored Gels are glorious in that they are 100% gel with deeply pigmented colors, have durable high shine glosses, and come in over 125 colors. All this while being free of many ingredients clients have interest in avoiding!

And how, you might be asking, will we be covering this review of Akzentz Luxio line of colored gel?

Clients, a summary of the Akzentz company as well as a detailed FAQ section about their Luxio line will be presented to you first so that whenever you go into a salon and see it, you will understand why it costs more than your typical discount salon,  and how it can help you achieve your nail goals.

Techs, after the summary we’re going to get into the details about the Akzentz Luxio line for the questions we usually ask about a product so you can determine if you should consider carrying Luxio in your salon versus your current brand.

What is Akzentz Exactly, and Luxio in Particular? *Insert Joke About ‘Accents’ Spelled as ‘Akzentz’ Wrong Here*

Ok Joke’s Over, No One Cares About Why it’s Spelled like that Right Now. This is a Technician’s Product Blog.

Akzentz Luxio Soak Off LED/UV Colored Gel is made by Haigh Industries Inc.  Nails is all they do. No dabbling in hair, skin, or makeup products. It was founded in 1989 by Sandra Haigh in Canada.

They have a lot of product lines, which are all soak off except for Pro-Formance:

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Clients, Here are Some Questions About Akzentz Luxio Colored Gel Asked on Your Behalf:

  1. Does Akzentz Luxio contain nuts, or is processed in a place with nuts? No
  2. Is Akzentz Luxio vegan, containing no animal products at all? Yes
  3. Is Akzentz Luxio cruelty free in manufacturing and testing? Yes
  4. Does Akzentz Luxio have any fragrances? No
  5. Where is Akzentz Luxio made? British Columbia, Canada
  6. Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
  7. Does it Contain Toluene? No
  8. Does it Contain Formaldehyde? No
  9. Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? No
  10. Does it Contain Camphor? No
  11. Does it Contain Parabens? No
  12. Does it Contain Xylene? No
  13. Will it burn at any point? It can if an inexperienced technician puts it on too thick on the first layer. This is what’s commonly called “heat spike” from the molecules moving around so fast as processing happens that it creates heat.
  14. How long does it last? 2 weeks and it should be removed after that, otherwise the product will age and it will be a total trainwreck to soak off.
  15. How often should this be done on my nails? Every two weeks. If you want to grow your nails past 1/16th over your finger, you should have a more supportive gel on it first, and then do Luxio.
  16. How is this different than nail gel I can buy myself? This isn’t sold to the public, and gel that is normally sold to the public has a lot of odor, feels mushy, loses its glossiness after a few days, the color lays very flat, and it peels away from the nail after a few days.

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Nail Techs, Here are Your Questions Answered About Luxio:

  • Where is this Akzentz Luxio system from that I used? I bought this product from an Akzentz booth at Premiere in Florida. It has a soak off solution, a wipe/dehydrator solution, a base coat, one nude color, and a top coat.
  • How easy is this product to get, can I buy it anywhere? Online only? Dig it out of the ground? This is an online only product, so this won’t be good for procrastinators that wait until their supply is empty before buying more product.
  • Is there fragrance/fumes to consider? Not from the gel itself, but from the soak off and wipe solutions yes. One smells like isopropyl alcohol in particular. The container for them do a good job of keeping the odor out of your workspace.
  • Is the MSDS available?   Here             
  • How would you compare this to other colored brush on gels or gel polishes you’ve worked with? Much more simple to understand than others that I’ve tried to use. Every step is 30 seconds in LED curing, and the colors are as robust as Light Elegance, except they are easy to remove. The base, color, and top coats all have different coloring labels so you don’t have to label them yourself or squint up to check which one you have before using it.
  • What does each type of gel within this line do? Base coat, Color, Top Coat in either gloss or matte.
  • How much is it? All 128 colors $1627.00 or about $17/bottle. A little goes a long way with this line, don’t be scared.
  • How much are the lamps? Ranging from $40 – $240.
  • What types of lamps are used? UV, LED, and Hybrids.
  • Why should I use this in my salon? Easy to use, easy to teach new techs out of school how to apply, glitters are suspended really well, colors are vibrant, gloss stays put until taken off.
  • What did you not like about this line? That it’s all either show order or online distributor order. Although it does control the having a knockoff made better by selling that way only.
  • How easy is this to use? Really easy. If they made a one step I would be in heaven. It’s the only saving grace Madam Glam had with me after they started making their gel in China this year. Since it’s all gel, it cures only. There’s no drying involved like you would have to do for a gel polish, hence no wrinkling. Here’s an article about the application
  • Was it difficult to remove? No. 10 minutes on natural nails, just make sure to buff off the gloss first before wrapping them. To save time I upcharge removal and let the client know they can soak them off the night before if they want to save myself time. After all, I don’t make money while product gets broken down before removal! Most clients want it off  if they see a flaw at the two week point anyway, so they like being empowered in the removal process.


I’ve been really excited to share my findings with you from Akzentz. In all frankness, I was starting to think it was going to be slim pickings to find something that worked well while meeting the social criteria I had set. I’m really happy to have come across Akzentz.

There’s still no USA owned company that I’ve come across yet that performs AND has the ingredient requirements that my clients have repeatedly asked for.

Luxio follows the same protocol as the vast majority of gel polishes; prep the nail, apply base coat then cure, apply one coat of color then cure, apply second coat of color then cure, apply top coat then cure, wipe the inhibition layer off with a lint free wipe saturated in a designated solvent. But unlike most gel polishes, Luxio doesn’t stink, wrinkle, or have different cure times for different coats to memorize. The colors are so true to the core that I catch myself looking at my own work at different times of the day to see how the depth has changed in different lighting.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover about Luxio, please let me know in the comments below so we can all be better versed in this product!