It seems like Everyone and Their Mother in Beauty Products is Making Nail Lacquer Now.

Fortunately more and more companies are opting to create and manufacture products that are vegan, cruelty free, or both! For nail lacquer, um, what nail specialists call traditional nail polish, since ‘polish’ can also mean lacquer gel polish (60% nail lacquer and 40% gel, a lot of people know the CND brand of this named Shellac) or gel brush on polish (like OPI’s Gel Color). By the way, CND will not answer questions about their cruelty free status, and OPI tests on animals. I just mentioned them here because they are household names. Don’t buy OPI OR CND products if you want stuff that is cruelty-free or vegan!

Typically I am Hesitant to Try Designer Brand Products, Because Most of their Price Revolves Around Branding.

However, Butter London is a company that sells mainly nail lacquer but just happens to sell makeup. So far I’ve focused on only nail product companies because after taking a look at some designer brands of multiple cosmetic products, the quality level of their nail products left much to be desired. Like they did the bare minimum to say they had nail products to slap their label on and charge a mint for.

 In my cases of trial and error while writing this blog, I have learned a couple things about nail lacquers:

  1. If the company that makes it makes anything else non-nail related, chances are the nail lacquer will be made in China and not be vegan or cruelty free. I learned that the hard way last year.
  2. Most lacquers have nice colors, but the top coat dulls after three days.
  3. Companies that invest in about 300 colors with a 6 set of seasonal colors are usually pretty good to try out.
  4. Most brushes for nail lacquers are thin and square, which makes this hard to do  


So let’s get into a bottle of what I call “F Me type Red” Butter London nail lacquer and see how it performs. I will be posting a separate post about their long wear base and top coat that I used with the color. I use bright reds to test out because it’s difficult to apply, difficult to remove, looks good on just about everyone, and if the nail prep work was garbage, it’ll tattle tail on you because you’ll see it bleed out all over the skin, around the nail area,  and the nail plate will look bumpy.

Clients, a summary of the Butter London company, as well as a detailed FAQ section about their Nail Lacquer line will be presented to you first so that whenever you go into a salon and see it, you will understand why it costs more than your typical discount salon,  and how it can help you achieve your nail goals.

Techs, after the summary I’ll have the details about how in 5 ways Butter London Nail Lacquer line will help you speed up your application time on your clients.

Let’s pretend no one has heard of Butter London so I can provide you with some backstory.

Butter London nail lacquer is made by Butter London LLC.  Created by entrepreneur Sasha Muir with the help of Nonie Creme, a famous fashion manicurist in England. Despite the name, it’s actually an American Brand.

Here are their product categories:


Clients, Here are Some Questions About Butter London Nail Lacquer Asked on Your Behalf:

  1. Does Butter London Nail Lacquer contain nuts, or is processed in a place with nuts? No
  2. Is Butter London Nail Lacquer vegan, containing no animal products at all? Only the polishes with the silver cap.
  3. Is Butter London Nail Lacquer cruelty free in manufacturing and testing? Yes
  4. Does Butter London Nail Lacquer have any fragrances? No
  5. Where is Butter London Nail Lacquer made? Seattle, Washington
  6. Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
  7. Does it Contain Toluene? No
  8. Does it Contain Formaldehyde? No
  9. Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? No
  10. Does it Contain Camphor? No
  11. Does it Contain Parabens? No
  12. Does it Contain Xylene? No
  13. Does it taste like butter? NO. *lulz*
  14. What ingredients are there in this? Here


Does Butter Really Apply to the Nail Plate “Like BUD-DAH?”

Ok joke’s over, but I had to. I say “Like Buddah” at least once a day when applying product at work and still laugh at my own pun BECAUSE I’M HILARIOUS.

Nail Techs, Here are Your Questions Answered About Butter London Nail Lacquer:

  • Where is this Butter London Nail Lacquer  from that I used? I bought this product from Ulta. I actually snorted at the fact that it was so fancy looking, and that I was spending almost $20 on a single bottle.
  • How easy is this product to get, can I buy it anywhere? You can buy it pretty much anywhere in an Ulta, or online
  • Is there fragrance/fumes to consider? Typical nail lacquer solvent odor, but no additional fragrance
  • Is the MSDS available? I was directed to the ingredient list on the website only, no MSDS was given.       
  • How would you compare this to other nail lacquers you’ve worked with? Really easy except for the dumb silver cap.
  • How much is it? $10- 15 each 
  • Why should I use this in my salon? Easy to use, wide/flat/oval ended brush, colors are vibrant in one coat.
  • What did you not like about this line? Expensive, the cap doesn’t unscrew so you have to pull it off and then unscrew it (which wastes time) 
  • Was it difficult to remove? No, even with this F me color of red.


The 5 Ways Butter London Nail Lacquer will solve common application problems:

  1. Oval shaped brush to make pushing the color close to the cuticle really easy
  2. Flat brush to hold your bead of color and maximize paint area on the nail plate
  3. Top is easy to hold and control your application
  4. Pigment is rich and easy to mix up within the bottle
  5. Square shape makes it easy to wipe excess polish off back into the bottle without much risk of tipping it over like you do with round bottles



This was a nice lacquer to test out, but if I were to purchase this line, I would want everything to be vegan instead of having a disclaimer that they base and top coats are not. The color was nice and rich though, and the brush made it easier to apply than ZOYA. I’m still not convinced that this is the line for me.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover about Butter London, please let me know in the comments below so we can all be better versed in this product!