IMAG1320This page will go over a complete review of Dazzle Dry’s polish no light gel hybrid.


I bought this in hopes of having a product line containing over 100 colors, made in the USA, vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, nut free, and at least 3 toxin free. It advertises technology that makes the polish bend with your natural nail, which prevents chipping.

I liked that they offer seasonal colors, and answered my email questions via the owner within HOURS of me asking! The top coat dries solid in 5 clocked minutes of air drying, their callous spray is phenomenal, and they are working on a cuticle remover that utilizes olive oil instead of lanolin (which is why I won’t review the cuticle remover just yet).

Let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA?  Yes
MSDS Sheet Available? Yes, Just Email them for it on their Contact Us Box.
100% Vegan? Yes
100% Animal Testing Free? Yes
100%  Nut Free? Yes
Is it Hypoallergenic? Yes
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
Does it Contain Toluene? No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde? No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? No
Does it Contain Camphor? No
Does it Contain Parabens? No
Does it Contain Xylene? No
Base Coat Separate? Yes
Top Coat Separate? Yes
Matte Finish available? Yes
Number of Single Colors Available? 196
Fine Glitter Available? Yes
Coarse Glitter Available? Yes
Type of Prep Needed? Standard Manicure to Remove Excess Skin and Oils, 2 Base Coat dry to matte finish, 2 Coats Color, 2 coats Top Coat.
Performs on Natural Nail? Yes
Performs on Builder Gel? Yes, No Base Coat Needed.
Duration of wear? 1 Week
Price Point? $6.50 – $8.00
Able to use with other base coats and top coats? No
Free Returns and Exchanges?

All unopened products returned will have a restocking fee of 20%. There will be no refunds or exchanges after sixty (60) days from the purchase date.


Trial size products are not returnable. Items that are shipped incorrectly or damaged will be replaced or exchanged at no expense to the customer. Please notify VB Cosmetics within three (3) business days of receiving damaged/incorrect product. Incorrect items must be returned with a copy of the original sales order form.

Free Shipping? No

Customer Experience: 
Dazzle Dry is a cosmetics line based in Arizona. I personally emailed them to ask the questions  regarding their vegan, nut free, and cruelty free statuses. The other information I gathered from the products that I personally purchased and used ordering from

I have yet to experience an issue when ordering from this company. Their customer response has been the fastest I have experienced since starting this blog.

I bought these:

Mini kit

callus spray

Other callus spray

Product Performance on Extensions:  It doesn’t. I’m so bummed about this. I carefully followed instructions, and it wrinkled. It took to long to apply and it wrinkled within a day. I can’t use this in a salon.


Product Performance on Natural Nails:  It doesn’t. It chipped in a day at the corners, even with endcapping every layer. I tried it again on another person and they had it chip within a day too.

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I’m starting to question if I should even offer nail polish at this point, because it’s been so annoying and expensive to be disappointed by. I must say though, their customer service is great and I really, really enjoy their callus spray! I’ll review that soon 🙂 I’m considering taking the class for it just to make sure I didn’t mess up with the instructions, since the customer service was so prompt.


So far it seems that anything that has many benefits doesn’t perform in a professional setting, or anything that performs is mass market and doesn’t have the benefits I am looking for.

Do you have a favorite polish brand that has over 100 colors?