Gels are Flexible, Gels are Durable, Gels are Hella Expensive.

So remember a while ago when I was tittering with joy over a brush on colored gel because I had bought some that were just a waste of time and money? Some I bought because they were so hyped at beauty shows that I thought techs and clients alike would like to know if the price was warranted. Others I bought because I knew they were inexpensive and therefore popular in many salons. Sometimes you get what you paid for, sometimes you don’t. That’s why I’m here; well, at least for nail stuff!

IBD is one of those affordable brands that is pretty available just about everywhere, including discount salon supply stores that reek of monomer. But IBD been around for ages, like 45 years.

They have a 100% brush on gel that caught my eye, and I thought it would be worth looking into. I picked up two colors and have some input that might be worth sharing for nail specialists and clients alike.

Clients, a summary of the company IBD as well as a detailed FAQ section about their Just Gel Polish will be presented to you first so that whenever you go into a salon and see it, you will understand why it costs more than your typical discount salon,  and how it can help you achieve your nail goals.

Techs, after the summary we’re going to get into the details about the IBD Just Gel Polish line for the questions we usually ask about a product so you can determine if you should consider carrying it in your salon versus your current brand.

What is the background for IBD? Why do I keep mentally calling it IBS, or IRS, or something similarly inappropriate? 

IBD, or International Beauty Design, is a nails only company owned by American International Industries. American International Industries owns a lot of beauty brands, such as China Glaze, DeLore for Nails, European Secrets Nails, EzFlow, Gena, IBD, Nail Tek, Poshe, Seche, Super Nail, Winning Nails, and 5 Second Nail Cosmetics.

American International Industries was founded in 1971 by Zvi Ryzman and it’s headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

IBD has a lot of product lines, which are all soak off except for Hard Gel:

  • Just Gel Polish –  245 colors, including matte coat, solar color effects, tints, and opaques. Their LED lamp is under $50.
  • Advanced Wear– 105 colors, Nail Lacquer
  • It’s a Match Duos– 96 matching lacquers with gel
  • Hard Gel – This is a file off only hard gel. It almost has as many colors for nailbeds and free edges as Light Elegance
  • Acrylic – One translucent pink color, one cover pink, one clear and one white
  • Accessories – Bonders, primers, dehydrators, bonders, cleansers, forms, tools, tips, brushes, files, buffers.


Clients, Here are Some Questions About IBD Just Gel Asked on Your Behalf:

  1. Does IBD Just Gel Polish contain nuts, or is processed in a place with nuts? No
  2. Is IBD Just Gel Polish vegan, containing no animal products at all? Yes
  3. Is IBD Just Gel Polish cruelty free in manufacturing and testing? Yes
  4. Does IBD Just Gel Polish have any fragrances? No
  5. Where is IBD Just Gel Polish made?  USA
  6. Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? Some shades may contain a small amount
  7. Does it Contain Toluene? Some shades may contain a small amount
  8. Does it Contain Formaldehyde? Some shades may contain a small amount
  9. Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? Some shades may contain a small amount
  10. Does it Contain Camphor? Some shades may contain a small amount
  11. Does it Contain Parabens? Some shades may contain a small amount
  12. Does it Contain Xylene? Some shades may contain a small amount
  13. Will it burn at any point? It can if an inexperienced technician puts it on too thick on the first layer. This is what’s commonly called “heat spike” from the molecules moving around so fast as processing happens that it creates heat.
  14. How long does it last? 2 weeks and it should be removed after that, otherwise the product will age and it will be a total trainwreck to soak off.
  15. How often should this be done on my nails? Every two weeks. If you want to grow your nails past 1/16th over your finger, you should have a more supportive gel on it first, and then have Just Gel put on over that.
  16. How is this different than nail gel I can buy myself at a drugstore? This is a really durable gel


Nail Techs, Here are Your Questions Answered About Just Gel :

  • Where is this product from that I used? I bought this product from an IBD booth at Premiere in Florida. I had to buy them individually.


  • How easy is this product to get, can I buy it anywhere? Online only? Dig it out of the ground? It’s available everywhere except directly from the manufacturer.


  • Is there fragrance/fumes to consider? No, the base has some odor to it though, and the color has a sweet odor to it, but I had to shove my face into the bottle to detect it.


  • Is the MSDS available?  Here     


  • How would you compare this to other colored brush on gels or gel polishes you’ve worked with?  Every step is 30 seconds in LED curing, and the colors are flat, but they have over 200 including the trend finishes like chrome, glitter, and metallics. It’s easy to remove. The base, color, and top coats all have different coloring labels so you don’t have to label them yourself or squint up to check which one you have before using it. I liked how I didn’t have to buy 10 different bottles of stuff to be able to apply this according to directions. I liked how I didn’t have to buy a separate cleanser, although they do sell a separate bonder that they said is like Young Nail’s Protein Bond.


  • How much is it? $9 – 13 per bottle, and you get about 30 application sets per bottle, depending on nail length of course.


  • How much are the lamps? Ranging from $50 – $250.


  • What types of lamps are used? UV, LED, and Hybrids.


  • Why should I use this in my salon? Affordable, crulety free, vegan, widely available. The most popular colors they have in matching nail lacquer.


  • Where can I get instructions from the manufacturer on how to apply this product? Instructional videos from IBD itself are online for free here. You can also find them at trade shows with floor demos and some classes at them.


  • What did you not like about this line? Anyone can buy it, you have to shake it up really hard to get the color not to streak, easy heat spike.


  • How easy is it to use the website? Can I find what I’m looking for easily? Can I click a button and organize by color? Does the search bar work well? No color organization, but the search bar works well. The FAQ page is really basic.


  • How easy is this to use? Really standard for gel polish, and you clean with 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Was it difficult to remove? No. 10 minutes on natural nails, just make sure to buff off the gloss first before wrapping them. 


This is a product line for nail specialists that want a cost effective and easily available product that is made in the USA, vegan, and cruelty free. If you’re new to the industry, it will take time to get used to how thinly you have to apply the product to avoid heat spike and streaks. But, once it’s on, it stays on, even for one of my worst picker clients.

There’s still no USA owned company that I’ve come across yet that performs AND has the ingredient requirements that my clients have repeatedly asked for.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover about Just Gel Polish, please let me know in the comments below so we can all be better versed in this product!