So far we’ve reviewed richly performing, ethically poor products…or poorly performing, ethically rich products. It’s been incredibly frustrating, and for the salon owner or independent nail tech looking for products to use, I appreciate you checking out this blog to make more informed decisions about the lines you intend to carry in your salon.

Today we’re reviewing Light Elegance P+ soak off gel system.


Light Elegance is operated out of Oregon by a husband and wife team. The husband is a chemist and the wife is a nail tech, which is a refreshing change from nail companies that usually originate from dental material companies. They offer online classes and classes at shows, their products are made in the USA, They do not use animal products or test on animals for any reason, they are not owned by another company, nut free, and most of their products are fragrance free. They specialize in odor free products.

It was difficult for me to get in contact with anyone to answer my product questions, but after I was persistent I got my questions answered. I was responded to by the co-owner Jim, so I was satisfied with the answer quality 🙂

Let’s go down the list of qualifiers, with some added in cost analysis questions:

All made in USA? Yes
MSDS Sheet Available? Yes , on their webiste
Price?  $50 for starter kit of base, two colors, top coat.

lamp, cleanser, base, top, two files, foam buffer, three glitter polishes, three color polishes $145

100% Vegan? Yes
100% Animal Testing Free? Yes
100%  Nut Free? Yes
Is it Hypoallergenic? Yes
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate?  No
Does it Contain Toluene?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin?  No
Does it Contain Camphor?  No
Does it Contain Parabens?  No
Does it Contain Xylene?  No
Base Coat Separate? Yes
Primer Separate? Yes
Top Coat Separate? Yes
No Wipe Removal Top Coat Available?  No
Matte Finish available?  Yes
LED Curing? Yes
Number of Single Colors Available?  70 solid, 73 glitter
 Actual cured product on exterior of bottle for easy ID?  Yes
3 in 1 Available? No
 Will it yellow?  No
Type of Prep Needed?  apply cleanser, base coat (cure), color (cure), color (cure), top (cure), cleanser to break inhibition bond.
Wattage for LED Needed for Curing? 9
Curing Time?  30 seconds per layer LED, 2 minutes UV
Performs on Natural Nail?  Yes
Performs on Builder Gel?  Yes
Duration of wear?  Depends on abuse level of client lol
Interchangeable with other soak off systems?  Yes
Soak Off Time?  10-15 actual minutes
Free Returns and Exchanges?  No. Details
Free Shipping?  Only as a promotion

Customer Experience: Although I am very pro USA made products, the customer service response department needs work. Like, a customer doesn’t care if some people from the plant are at a show, someone needs to answer the emails and whatever. And the return/exchange policies are really stickler. I would wait for a show to come around to ask questions and try out product instead of ordering stuff and corresponding with customer service about any issues. This could be a ‘better in person’ type company. A lot of companies do not pull off internet presence very well unless they are super huge.

I’m starting to get why techs pay more for crappy products; if it’s easy to obtain and use, then that cuts out a lot of wasted time. Fortunately I have time to really look at this stuff before opening the salon.


Product Performance on Natural Nails: 

IMAG1364Although runny, this product has really good strength and flexibility on natural nails. A little goes a long way, and after a couple of attempts, I got it to become level on a set of hands. The color of the red in my starter pack was so rich, it reminded me of a new paint job on a car.

Many colors fall flat to me in polishes; either they are super holographic and blinding, or they remind me of wall paint with their single dimension of pigment.

Clearly, shine and color are the top priorities of Light Elegance, because damn.

I’m going to be really excited whenever they can make a peel off base coat for removing their glitter gels with, because with the attention to color detail they have, combined with the variety and professional grade product they have has made me a happy nail tech. This product will definitely be in my top 10 to consider for my salon right off the bat. I hope after I attend Premier show in Orlando that I can update with more data about this product.

My client (who is a picker) chipped off some runoff (the viscosity is really thin) and a few days later chipped off the corner of her index fingernail. She types constantly for work, so this was a good bellweather as to how durable my first attempt was.

Takeoff took forever, 10 minutes did not move it at all. 15-20 would be a better guess in an acetone soak, not using foils. Madam Glam has them beat out on this one, so far it’s been the easiest to take off without chipping in the meantime. Too bad it’s all made in China now 🙁

Because of its’ ease of use, shine, color, and ethics that line up with what I am looking to have at my own salon, I will keep this product in my mental back pocket to look at later when its decision time.

What is your favorite gel polish? Why do you like it so much, cost? Color? Durability? Easy to remove?