Madam Glam Gel Polish

madam glam gel polish




This page will go over a complete review of Madam Glam’s three step single color Gel Polish.




First, let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA? No, China
MSDS Sheet Available? Yes , MSDS-Sheet-Madam Glam
Ingredient List? Yes

Low Irritation Monomer: Ethoxylated (5 pentaerythoritol) Tetraacrylate
Silcone: 2- Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate
Monomer: Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate
Monomer: 2-hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
Non irritating curing agent: 1-Hydroxycyclohehyl Phenyl Ketone N
Polymer: N- DimethylacrylamideEthylene Distearamide
100% Vegan? Yes
100% Animal Testing Free? Yes
100%  Nut Free? Yes
Is it Hypoallergenic? No
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
Does it Contain Toluene? No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde? No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? No
Does it Contain Camphor? No
Does it Contain Parabens? Yes
Does it Contain Xylene? Yes
Base Coat Separate? Yes
Primer Separate? No
Top Coat Separate? Yes
No Wipe Removal Top Coat Available? Yes
Matte Finish available? No
LED Curing? Yes
Number of Single Colors Available? 182
Number of Color Changing Gels Available? 25
3 in 1 Gel Pen Available? Yes, for Some Colors
Treatment for Nail bed Sensitivity Available? Yes
Type of Prep Needed? File with 240 Grit, Clean Off Dust with  99% Rubbing Alcohol
Wattage for LED Needed for Curing? 9
Curing Time? 30 Seconds Per Coat
Performs on Natural Nail? Yes
Performs on Builder Gel? Yes
Duration of wear? 2-3 weeks
Price Point? $19.99 Retail, but There are Many Sales for 40-50% Off and a VIP Program
Able to make Gelwiches with Traditional Polishes? Yes, but Only with Madam Glam Traditional Polishes
Free Returns and Exchanges? Yes
Free Shipping? Only Occasionally as a Promotion


Customer Experience:Madam Glam is a cosmetics line based in New York. I personally emailed them to ask the questions  regarding their vegan, nut free,  and cruelty free statuses. The other information I gathered from the products that I personally purchased and used ordering from

I have yet to experience an issue when ordering from this company.

This characteristic important from a professionals point of view, because I can tell you myself, after going to a large beauty show in Orlando, we come across multiple companies that totes great products, but when it comes to ordering from them, either took eons, had really heavy duty shipping fees for lightweight products, and/or nearly week long waits for correspondence from email/phone calls.

Few people will care if your product is the ‘Jesus Christ of cosmetology’ when you can’t get questions answered and products out efficiently to your customers. Its’ pros will be unable to outweigh the cons, and it will be deemed useless for professional use. When a salon wants a product, we want it hard, fast, and as low from retail price as possible haha 🙂

Ok so my products always came by the date it was promised to, and sometimes they offer free shipping as a promotion, or 40-50% off as a promotion, but not together. I usually buy them when they run the 50% off promotion for anything, buy the traditional polishes with that, and then utilize their VIP program for the gel polishes. When I order that way, the bottles are about $10/bottle, which is a really nice price point for an Indie brand that meets so many other product qualities that I look for before buying. My emails were answered within a business day or two, which is appropriate for the company’s size.


My only gripe is that the colors are either labeled by a number at the bottom, or by name…when they all have a name AND a number. Thankfully this annoyed me, so here’s a handy chart of their colors in alphabetical order for your collecting enjoyment. I made the chart because I hate it when I buy the same color again when I already have it.

Amor Azul
Angel Wings #425
Aqua Blue (#196)
Baby Blue (#426)
Baby Pink (#66)
Back to Cali (#369)
Behind the scenes (#409)
Beige Rose
Better Than A Sapphire #135
Bittersweet #004
Blood Orange (#3)
Bombshell (#162)
Brick (#405
Bright Barbie Pink (#254)
Bubble Gum
Caffe au lait (#151)
California Love #309
Call of the Wild (#358)
Carmine Pink (#136)
Carribean Sea
Cashmere Grey (#106)
Chic Madame
Clean slate (#137)
Color Me Coraly (#141)
Coral Flirt (#338)
Dangerously in love (115)
Dark & Sexy
Dark Magenta (#130)
Dark Orchid (#90)
Deep Burgundy (#227)
Deep Dark Purple (#291)
Deep Emerald (#161)
Deep Sea Dream (#51)
Down on Earth (#221)
Dream Diamonds (#128)
Dusty Blue
Dusty Pastel Green
Early bird (#341)
Ego (#88)
Electric blue
Evening teal (#222)
Fairy Tale (#329)
Fancy pink (#33)
Flawless (#53)
Flower child (#7
Fluorescent lights (#361)
For Green Lovers
Games People Play (#423)
Girl Power
Glamorous (#327)
Glittery Berry (#6)
Glittery Bronze (#241)
Glittery Emerald (#164)
Glittery Midnight Blue (#125)
Glittery plum (#163)
Glittery Purple (#131)
Gold Digger (#233)
Golden Queen #126
Golden Red (#26)
Green Garden (#399)
Halo (#14)
Harvest (#224)
Heart Attack (#392)
High school stories (#312)
Honeydew (#424)
In love With You
Irreplaceable (#32)
Irresistible (#079)
It’s not you, it’s me (#48)
Jasmine (#200)
Jungle Beat (#384)
Just Like The Sand #393
Kobi (#134)
Light Lilac (#324)
Light Ruby (#155)
Like A Princess #285
Lost in the woods (#209)
Love and Mercy (#96)
Love At First Sight #139
Love for lilac
Love me Nude (#39)
Magenta (#400)
Meet me Halfway
Merlot (#215)
Metallic nude
MilkyWay (#960)
Mimosa (#427)
My jewels
Navy Blue (#191)
Neon Lime Green (#54)
Neon Yellow #332
Never Too Late (#397)
Nightime Mauve (#180)
No Taboo #362
No time to waste (#348)
Not Only You And Me #123
Not Your Usual White (#345)
Oceans (#269)
OMG Pink (#142)
Orange Sunset (#201)
Pacific (#46)
Patrick’s Favorite #364
Peachy (#44)
Perfect Black (#2)
Perfect Harmony
Perfect White (#1)
Pharaoh (#158)
Pirouette (#24)
Plum Addict (#94)
Popsicle (#17)
Precious (#289)
Pretty in pink (#21)
Pure Cloud (#15)
Purple Sky #071
Queen B #025
Quicksilver (#52)
Quite Olive (#31)
Raining Stones (#310)
Raspberry Explosion (#208)
Rich Cornell (#140)
Rich mambo (#105)
Rock n’Roll
Rose (#152)
Rosy Nude (#428)
Royal blue (#174)
Sandy Sparkles (#061)
Saturday Love (#275)
Seafoam (#347)
Sexy and I Know it
Sexy Purple (#334)
Sexy Red (#239)
Shake Your Grass
Shell (#111)
She’s all that (#228)
Shimmer Lavender
Shimmer Sexy Berry (#34)
Shimmer sunny Yellow (#377)
Shimmer White (#243)
Silver Glitters (#50)
Silver Magic (#315)
Sky is the Limit (#10)
Slow Burn (#379)
So Delicious
So Hot #431
Soft Romance #418
Sophisticated Grey
Sparkling Hearts (#325)
Sparkly autumn (#95)
Sparkly topaz (#240)
Stardust (#117)
Strawberry infused Pink (#271)
Sweet Lavenda
Take your Time (#382)
Taste of iron (#251)
That Thin Line (#439)
The Only One #259
Tomboy (#232)
Treat me like Fire (#314)
Trendy Me
True Blue Game
True Fire Brick Red (#43)
True Story (#403)
Twilight lilac (#172)
Under the stars
Very Chic #410
Vintage Blue (#310)
Vintage Pink (#419)
Vivid Purple (#118)
Water winds (#247)
What a night (#391)
What’s your type? (#301)
Yellow Holo #144


madam glam gel polish with traditional polishProduct Performance on Extensions:

I have always had dry and brittle nails, so I use extensions to reinforce my sidewalls when I’m lazy, and then I sculpt them when I have some time on my hands. I also experimented to see if I could use Madam Glam traditional polish on top of it’s gel polish, then under it’s gel top coat without wrinkling. I couldn’t see a difference between the two, which was nice!

The thumb, index and middle finger are sculpted here, while the ring and pinky have tip platforms. Currently I am using CND as my builder gel and tip extension choice because they are leftovers from my beauty school days. I am well aware that CND is not cruelty free, vegan, ect. By looking at this picture, it has become very clear to me that putting on a set late at night = poor filing skills on my end. Hooray?

Their glitter gel polishes are great and opaque, but so far the glitter traditional polish is really see through. I have only tried one traditional glitter polish here, so in the name of the elimination process I bought a second one in red to verify or contradict opaqueness for a future post about their traditional nail polish on overlays/extensions/natural nails.


Product Performance on Natural Nails:

madam glam gel polish on natural nailbed and extensionsI used CND Smoothing Brisa Lite Soak Off Gel (another school product leftover) as a base for this set, because these hands have significant deep sidewall splitting and a couple coats of gel polish would still split without some reinforcement. I will be looking into Bio Seaweed Gel to use instead for this, but I will first complete my reviews of Madam Glam products first before moving on to that 🙂

For the best results, you MUST cap your free edge when using this product. You’ll only get a week free of chips if you forget to cap. When you do cap, this stuff will not come off until you take it off.

I also enjoyed how the top coat is florescent under the LED lamp, which showed me how I covered all my color coat. With some other companies I have put on a top coat, only to find out I missed a spot by getting a streak of color on my wipe off pad.