This page will go over a complete review of Madam Glam’s three steps in one single color Bottle Gel Polish. Will this gel save you time on curing? Let’s find out.

First, let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA?  No, China, but not sold in China
MSDS Sheet Available?  MSDS-sheet-MG (2)
Ingredient List?
Ethoxylated (5 pentaerythoritol) Tetraacrylate/2- Hydroxypropyl
Methacrylate/Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate/2-hydroxyethyl
Methacrylate/1-Hydroxycyclohehyl Phenyl Ketone/
N,N- DimethylacrylamideEthylene Distearamide
100% Vegan?  Yes
100% Animal Testing Free?  Yes by manufacturer request during production
100%  Nut Free?  No
Is it Hypoallergenic?  No
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate?  No
Does it Contain Toluene?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin?  No
Does it Contain Camphor?  No
Does it Contain Parabens?  Yes
Does it Contain Xylene?  Yes
Primer Separate?  No
Is top coat No Wipe Removal?  Yes
Matte Finish available?  No
LED Curing?  Yes
Number of Single Colors Available?  10
Treatment for Nail bed Sensitivity Available?  Yes
Type of Prep Needed?  Watch Video Application
Wattage for LED Needed for Curing?  9w
Curing Time?  30 second LED 2 Minutes UV
Performs on Natural Nail?  Yes
Performs on Builder Gel?  Yes
Duration of wear?  1-2 weeks on average
Price Point?  $19.95 Retail, watch for frequent 50% off sales
Free Returns and Exchanges? Yes for store credit only
Free Shipping? Only Occasionally as a Promotion

Customer Experience:Madam Glam is a cosmetics line based in New York. I personally emailed them to ask the questions  regarding their vegan, nut free,  and cruelty free statuses. For specifics on cruelty free products made in China, I consulted for information. The other information I gathered from the products that I personally purchased and used ordering from

I have yet to experience an issue when ordering from this company.

My emails were answered within a business day or two, which is appropriate for the company’s size.

It has a alcohol like chemical smell with it when applying…not nearly as noticeable as acrylic monomer, but noticeable regardless. I would plug in an air purifier to charge out the smell for your clients just in case.

There are a lot fewer colors than the three step line, but this is also a very new product being offered. I hope that they will continue putting more of this line out.

I have yet to see something that can beat out the top coat shine of Madam Glam products. If you don’t like the colors available in the line, at least try to sandwich the base and top coats with your colors…the shine is just incredible.

Product Performance on Extensions: 

Glitter gels are my personal bellwether to polish performance. If I need more than two coats to make it opaque, then it’s not worth my time. I already have two total minutes committed for one base coat, two color coats, and one top coat application with 30 second cure times. I like to test opaque performance by being a lazy ass and putting it on top of my sets that already have encapsulated decorations in the free edge. My free edge today consisted of blue holographic circles, so as you can tell from the picture, it covered nicely.

Product Performance on Natural Nails:

I do have to say though, with cutting down multiple steps, this curing burned my sensitive nail beds. So get the nailbed prep if you have nail biting clients or sensitive clients. Or not be a dummy like me and get a 9w lamp instead of nuclear roasting it in my 12w LED lamp. Ugh.

It’s been my experience that when a product tries to cut out steps and made a combo product, the quality is lost. Like a shampoo that is also a conditioner, let’s face it, it’s crap compared to separate shampoo and conditioner. Ask any long haired person and they can show you how there’s a massive quality difference. But so far this seems to be a lot easier than three steps. Hopefully they will add more colors soon. They said they are working on a matte coat for the gels also.

Do you have a multistep in one product that you enjoy using? Let me know in the comments. Lord knows polishing is very low on my ‘fun things about my job’ list. I will happily invest in products that will make my workday easier!