madam glam traditonal polish on extensions


This page will go over a complete review of Madam Glam’s three step single color Traditional Polish.






Some people would think “Why bother with traditional when you have a line of gels from that company?”, which, I thought that way too initially but the fact is, most lines have a metric ton more colors available in traditional polishes than they do gels, except this brand doesn’t. To save myself time, and because toe polish wears much longer than finger polishes (from you know, water exposure and banging them against stuff) I like to use traditional polish on toes and gels on fingers.

I use gels on toes if someone tells me they’re going to the beach for a vacation and want their toenails to look good…Or if they work in an industry that allows open toe shoes and shine counts, like exotic dancers or other people in sale type industries where you need everything to look perfect all the time… Or OCD people that need everything to be exactly the same…Ok so more than I originally thought. Whatever, I have both for apparently multiple reasons.


First, let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA? No, China
MSDS Sheet Available? Yes, Just Email them for it on their Contact Us Box.
Ingredient List? Yes, See Below:
Solvent: Ethyl Acetate
Solvent: Butyl Acetate

Cellulose: Nitrocellulose

Polymer: Adipic Acid
Solvent: Neopentyl
Polyemer: Glycol/Trimellitic
Monomer: Anhydride Copolymer
Emollient: Acetyl Tributyl Citrate
Solvent: Isopropyl Alcohol
Polymer: Silica
Polymers: Acrylates Copolymer
Polymers: Rtyrene/Acrylates Copoplymer
Product Protection from UV deterioration: Bensophenone-3
Polymer: Trimethyl pentanediyl
Poloxamer: Dibenzoate
Product Protection from UV deterioration: Benzophenone-1
Plasticizer: Alumia Polyvinyl
Plasticizer: Butyral
Color: D&C Violet #2, (CI60725)
100% Vegan? Yes
100% Animal Testing Free? Yes
100%  Nut Free? Yes
Is it Hypoallergenic? No
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
Does it Contain Toluene? No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde? No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? No
Does it Contain Camphor? No
Does it Contain Parabens? Yes
Does it Contain Xylene? Yes
Base Coat Separate? Yes
Top Coat Separate? Yes, and a Quick Dry Coat Also.
Matte Finish available? Yes
Number of Single Colors Available?  84
Fine Glitter Available? Yes
Coarse Glitter Available? Yes
Treatment for Nail bed Sensitivity Available? Yes
Type of Prep Needed? Standard Manicure to Remove Excess Skin and Oils, Base Coat, 2 Coats Color, Top Coat.
Performs on Natural Nail? Yes
Performs on Builder Gel? Yes, No Base Coat Needed.
Duration of wear? 1 Week
Price Point?  $10.95, I wait for Sales and Then Buy a Bunch at Once.
Able to use with other base coats and top coats? Yes
Free Returns and Exchanges? Yes
Free Shipping? Only Occasionally as a Promotion

Customer Experience: 
Madam Glam is a cosmetics line based in New York. I personally emailed them to ask the questions  regarding their vegan, nut free, and cruelty free statuses. The other information I gathered from the products that I personally purchased and used ordering from

I have yet to experience an issue when ordering from this company, just like when I have ordered gels from them.

Ok so my products always came by the date it was promised to, and sometimes they offer free shipping as a promotion, or 40-50% off as a promotion, but not together. I usually buy them when they run the 50% off promotion for anything, making them $5 each which is a lot cheaper than drugstore brands. My emails were answered within a business day or two, which is appropriate for the company’s size.



Product Performance on Extensions: 

madam glam traditonal polish on extensionsApplication was smooth and quick to dry on my hard gel extensions. The pink color is Hot Date, which is neon pink with a blue iridescence. This did not look so great with the matte top coat on my hands, but looked great on my toes with a glossy topcoat. When I buy a flat color I will try it out again to see how it turns out.

The sparkle color is Beyond Gorgeous, which looks great in the bottle with it’s tiny sized glitter. But, like usual, you have to do multiple coats to attain full coverage as well as multiple top coats to smooth it out to the touch. I still do not care for traditional glitter polishes with a regular top coat. I always rather put the glitter coat on and then gelwich it with a soak off top coat to keep me from trying to ‘fix it’ by slowing chipping it off. They must all be smooth OR NOTHING ARUGGHGHH!


Product Performance on Natural Nails: 

madam glam traditional polish

Application was smooth and quick to dry on my natural nails. No vapor odor or eye irritation (everything seems to irritate my eyes). Clean up was easy also. The bottles are not traditionally shaped and felt ergonomic to hold, although I could imagine them tipping over as easily as any other bottle of polish.

I haven’t tried stamping with them since I am new to stamping and don’t feel like I have mastered it enough to know if it’s the polish, my stamp, or my technique that makes it look like tattered half on the plate crap all the time.