This page will go over a complete review of Madam Glam’s three in one single color Gel Polish Pen. Illusions of grandeur.





First, let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA?  No, China but only made there. Not sold.
MSDS Sheet Available?  MSDS-sheet-MG (1)
Ingredient List?
 Ethoxylated (5 pentaerythoritol) Tetraacrylate/2-  Hydroxypropyl
 Methacrylate/Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate/2-hydroxyethyl
 Methacrylate/1-Hydroxycyclohehyl Phenyl Ketone/
 N,N- DimethylacrylamideEthylene Distearamide
100% Vegan?  Yes
100% Animal Testing Free?  Yes by manufacturing request of company
100%  Nut Free?  No
Is it Hypoallergenic?  No
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate?  No
Does it Contain Toluene?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin?  No
Does it Contain Camphor?  No
Does it Contain Parabens?  Yes
Does it Contain Xylene?  Yes
Primer Separate?  No
Is it a No Wipe Removal Top Coat?  Yes
Matte Finish available?  No
LED Curing?  Yes
Number of Single Colors Available?  21
Treatment for Nail bed Sensitivity Available?  Yes
Type of Prep Needed?  Watch video Madam Glam Application
Wattage for LED Needed for Curing?  9w
Curing Time?  2 minutes by UV Lamp, 30 sec by LED
Performs on Natural Nail?  Yes
Performs on Builder Gel?  Yes
Duration of wear?  1-2 weeks on average
Price Point?  $19.95 retail
Free Returns and Exchanges?  Yes, but Store credit only
Free Shipping? Only Occasionally as a Promotion

Customer Experience:Madam Glam is a cosmetics line based in New York. I personally emailed them to ask the questions  regarding their vegan, nut free, and cruelty free statuses. The other information I gathered from the products that I personally purchased and used ordering from

I have yet to experience an issue when ordering from this company.

I don’t like how the pens are so skinny, the color of the gel you can only see once taking the cap off, the names are not labeled on the bottom or side… and the product performance was meh at best. I would skip buying this one and get your money’s worth with the three step or 3 in 1 bottle form.

It feels like a waste of money, even when its on sale, for a salon setting. This would only really be useful if you chipped your free edge and wanted to touch it up.




Product Performance:  I was excited to try this out, considering their regular line is so epic with it’s durable mirror shine. Alas, the color was streaky even after 4 thin coats, was hard to apply with the twist top extractor, and just didn’t impress me like the rest of the line does.




Do you have a three in one gel pen that could trump this one, made in the USA? Let me know in the comments 🙂