Seriously, why does it have to be this difficult to have normal looking hands?

When I explain to people that I love helping clients with specialty nail criteria, I often get a blank stare back.
“Nails are just nails though.”

No, no they’re not. But you know this already. that’s why you’re here!

What do You Mean by Specialty?

Look at a pair hands from the medical industry, the construction industry, the music industry, or so many other industries… They can show you how their career beats the living crap out of their hands. They need specialty products.
Some clients are nailbiters and are treated like garbage at their many low cost local discount rate nail salons. Myself included before I became licensed as a nail technician.
Some clients are sensitive to scents, proteins, natural or man  made chemicals, water temperatures, and other things. Myself included. So many things burn and itch us!

Some people, myself included, are not cool with the thought of an animal having cosmetic products put on or injected into it in order to offset the product price point, or to have one butchered/enslaved to be used as an ingredient. Maybe to cure cancer, but for a luxury like nail enhancements? No.

Many also don’t want to create unnecessary trash. That’s heresy in the beauty industry, just so you know. A person might as well go slap a baby while they’re at it. That’s how I felt when I asked how to have a more eco friendly salon in my area!

Lastly, is it too much to ask for it to be made in Canada or the United States? You know, because of “laws” and stuff that make businesses a little more accountable than overseas?

With all of these perfectly reasonable desired product characteristics, why is so hard to find products that will accomplish this? I don’t think it should be, but I’ve had a hard time finding products that fulfill the criteria I have set out for them.

I plan to review different products and give my professional opinion on them to help you achieve nice, strong, and attractive hands, nails, and feet. I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog and learn along with me so together we can make educated purchases in the future.