LAMPAT LED Table Lamp. I am pleased. And surprised, since usually things made in China usually make me flip a table.


This page will go over a complete review of Lampat LED Table Lamp.

First, let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA? No, China
Where can I buy this? Amazon has it for $30 Here
How much space does the base take up? 7 x 7 inches, or 17.5 x 17.5 cm, .4 inches thick
Plug type? USB
Can my client charge their phone from it? Yes
Different brightness settings? Yes
Does it get hot? Board that holds controls gets warm, but not hot to the touch.
Can I angle this high over my client’s hands? Yes
Can I angle this low right over my client’s hands? Yes
Can this fit in a drawer? Yes, just unscrew the base first. It folds completely.
Is it Cumbersome to manipulate? No
Does it fall down during services? No
Is it cold or warm color LED? Either with adjustment settings, color rendering over 90
LUMEN rating? 530LM
Will it cause a glare from my tablet? No
Does it have a desk clamp? No
Voltage? 100-220V , or 50-60 MHz
Will it blind me with lights peeking out from the cover? No
Memory settings? Yes
Does it work exactly as described? Yes
Colors Available? 2, black and white
Warranty? No
Any glass on it? No, its all plastic
How many prongs on the cord? Two
Assembly needed? Screw the base into the lamp, plug in, turn on
How much can it rotate around? 180 degrees
Cord Length? 4 feet, 1.2192 meters
Battery for cordless use? No
Free Returns and Exchanges? No
Free Shipping? No
Easy to Clean? Moderately

Customer Experience: I am sure everyone at some point has ordered from Amazon, and I am no exception.

As most professionals do, I have a Prime account to get things sent to me quickly. Amazon is great at handling product or shipping issues. I haven’t had a bad experience yet from any of their vendors. Once you pay for shipping a couple times and still have to wait weeks to get your order, you’ll pay for Prime also. Or, you’ll do like I used to do and forgot you ordered it, then bought it somewhere else, then get it in the mail and make lots of swear combos once you realize what you did.

Product Performance:  As I have said before, I am on the lookout for products that can be utilized on many different levels, rather than just one or two like a typical beauty blog. It’s all well and good if something is inexpensive and looks nice, but if it’s hard to use or came at the cost of many different business ethical codes I operate by being violated, forget it. Plus, while I am buying all of these products on my own dime and paying all the bills of running a blog, I have to be picky before picking something up to test out.

I usually have hesitations about buying Chinese products. They’re made poorly, they break easily, they usually lack common sense in manufacturing. Their directions for assembly are a dyslexic’s nightmare. They’re attractive with price and marketing promises, but it usually evens things out with how meh the product actually is. This lamp though seems to be a delightful exception.

This lamp so far is just what I needed for nail work, without the typical $150 price tag that comes with having lamp extension arms come down so low over a client’s hands. I was looking at them at a beauty show just this past May and was dumbfounded as to why they were so expensive. Not even a magnifier or anything for $150? Laaame.

folds easily into my bottom tech drawer

folds easily into my bottom tech drawer

As you look into by bottom drawer, you can see the skinny, folded up arm with the base right next to it. This is perfect for my custom desk, which doubles as a piece of decorative furniture. I’ll post another page about my desk and how you can make one too, since most manicure tables are junk and don’t hold much.


Folded, but attached to base

The arm folds up to about the width of a 1 1/2 inch binder, so it could even fit in my shallow drawer.


Arm Extended


Arm closed

I like how I can adjust the brightness, that I can adjust the warmth and coolness of the light to suit my nail art work, how the light shoots straight down to the table, and how light it is while steady on it’s base. I’m particularly fond of that I can store it in my desk so it won’t ‘vanish’ or ‘be borrowed’ when I am not at work. I can also use this lamp while watching videos of techniques without having a glare on it, which was a problem with my old lamp.

For people with OCD, the smudges the plastic gets from fingerprints can be annoying, but they’re easy to wipe off. It’s the same  type of smudge you get when you touch your phone plate…and reminds me why I should wear gloves more often 🙂 The joints could get really dusty if you file a lot, but if you cover the base with some plastic wrap it should shield it enough while still being able to use the control panel. It takes a light touch to operate the control panel.

If you have a lamp that you’ve used that is made in the USA, can extend it’s arm really low, has cool toned and very bright light under $50, please let me know in the comments, or message me. I would love to find more products to post as solutions for beauty professionals.