So, Yeah; Vegans Have Been Left Hanging When it Came to Cuticle Remover Lotions. Until NOW. Score!


Why exactly has this been such an issue? Well, ingredients. Duh. Also hideous burning of the skin feelings, or doesn’t take off the dead skin surrounding your nail off. Ugh, it’s like having a light switch instead of a dimmer for the  dining areas of a house at night; either you can’t see even your hand in front 0f your face, or you’re blinded by light.

But Dazzle Dry has seemed to fix this issue, and I’m SO.EXCITED.

So many cuticle removers on the retail and professional markets are composed of hardcore sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to melt off the dead skin part, and then lanolin (wax from sebaceous glands of woolly animals, such as sheep) or squalene (oil from sharks, amaranth seeds, rice bran, wheat germ, or olives) to lube the skin back up after the hydroxide has done its work.

I’ve looked at a few retail vegan cuticle removers, and they’ve either been expensive, or useless. I’m not going to soak my clients hands or feet, then put this stuff on a client, then wait to push, push, and then make my client go scrub up. Nope. Too long yo. I want something that I don’t have to use much of, apply, push, and wipe off.

So imagine my delight when I email chatted with the owner and development chemist for Dazzele Dry about how I loved their callus remover, but couldn’t buy their lanolin cuticle remover lotion for my blog because it’s not vegan, and she tells me they’re making some from olives and it’ll be out soon.

This company is so responsive to customers, and they have so many one and done multi-level functioning products.

Clients, I know. You’re like WTH is VB-Dazzle-Dry-huh what? *Lulz* Think of it as a microbrew you’ve tried or a regional dish that you ate where your future standards of brews and food are compared to it. This product is what I compare others to. 

Techs, this isn’t a huge company, but it’s products pack a punch worth the shipping inconvenience and non-gallon sized product bottle. One bead lasts all 10 fingers and comes off with acetone. I kid you not.

So, Who Makes VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Remover Lotion?

VB Cosmetics (Dazzle Dry) is operated out of Arizona by a woman that is passionate for her product. Their products are made in the USA, They do not  test on animals for any reason, they are not owned by another company, and they are nut free.

They make the following products:



Clients, Here are Some Questions About VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion Asked on Your Behalf:

  1. Does VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion contain nuts, or is processed in a place with nuts? No
  2. Is VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion , containing no animal products at all? Yes
  3. Is VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion cruelty free in manufacturing and testing? Yes
  4. Does VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion  have any fragrances? No
  5. Where is VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion  made?Arizona
  6. Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
  7. Does it Contain Toluene? No
  8. Does it Contain Formaldehyde? No
  9. Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin? No
  10. Does it Contain Camphor? No
  11. Does it Contain Parabens? No
  12. Does it Contain Xylene? No
  13. Will it burn at any point? It can if an inexperienced technician puts it on too thick or you have open wounds where the product is applied
  14. How often should this be done on my nails? Each visit
  15. How is this different than lotion I can buy myself? This isn’t sold to the public, and this type of lotion that is normally sold to the public has a lot of odor, burns your skin, and is really gooey.



Nail Techs, Here are Your Questions Answered About VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion :

  • Where is this VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion  from that I used? I bought this product from Dazzle Dry’s website.
  • How easy is this product to get, can I buy it anywhere? Online only? Dig it out of the ground? This is an online only product, so this won’t be good for procrastinators that wait until their supply is empty before buying more product.
  • Is there fragrance/fumes to consider? No
  • Is the MSDS available?   Yes, via email            
  • How would you compare this to other cuticle remover lotions you’ve worked with? Much gentler on clients than previous lotions. Easier to remove also. Others left a tacky residue even after scrubbing.
  • How much is it? $22.00 for 4 oz bottle, $8.00 for 1 oz bottle
  • Why should I use this in my salon? Easy to use, easy to teach new techs out of school how to apply, very little needs to be used per application, caters to vegan or fragrance free clients. You’ll know exactly when your order was processed, shipped, and delivered.
  • What did you not like about this line? That it’s all either show order or online distributor order. 
  • Was it difficult to remove? No. 


Customer Experience: Dazzle dry is a good company to work with. They email quickly and they stay on trend, so it’s never hard to see new items and have questions answered about them quickly and completely. I got a confirmation emails when they got my payment, order, shipped, and delivered. As usual for VB Cosmetics (Dazzle Dry), my questions were answered quickly by the owner herself, a refreshing note to report.

Product Performance: The product has a screw top applicator similar to a bottle of glue. The product itself reminded me of liquid school glue, only without the odor.

I put in on three separate times; once on dry skin of a nail biter, once on regular dry hands, and once doing the verbatim directions.

Nail biters didn’t fare as well with this stuff, but they generally have open wounds from nipping at the skin around their nails along with their nails. Opt for a soak with product for these clients.

Regular skin did fine with this during a dry manicure. I applied one bead for ten fingers, filed the free edge, pushed the cuticle back, and wiped off the remaining product with acetone. No problems.

Verbatim instructions worked also, but I hate soaking and scrubbing off after, so yeah.

I know one ounce for $8 sounds steep, but it takes one bead for 10 fingers, even man hands *lulz*. It will last you quite a while.

You should also know not all their products are vegan, so you’ll have to look at the description to make sure you’re ordering a vegan product from them.



I’ve been really excited to share my findings with you from VB Cosmetics.  I was starting to think it was going to be nearly impossible to find a vegan version of cuticle remover that actually performed.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover about VB Cosmetics Vegan Cuticle Removal Lotion, please let me know in the comments below so we can all be better versed in this product!