So, another thing that I look at when I go into a salon is the chairs for everyone, be it clients or employees. Chairs, and their ergonomic features, or uh, lack thereof, tell me a lot about how valuable a salon owner feels their employees and clients are. Excellent support and comfort means less time off for work related physical stresses, clients don’t watch the clock so much to see when they can get out of that uncomfortable chair, and everyone is more relaxed!

Seating is commonly overlooked in many places; usually visual aesthetics seem to have more value to people than the actual function of a chair. I like to use IKEA furniture as an example. Sure, the colors and spacing might fit the room really well, and it looks inviting, but generally you sit on it for a couple minutes and then look for somewhere else to sit because something on you starts to ache.

I tend to also look for furniture with clean lines because they are easier to clean than items with carved scroll work or items that have ribbons of glued on fake rhinestones. I have two little kids, a house, a big dog, and a cat. I don’t have time to devote to air-canning file dust out of a chair. I doubt other people have time for this unless they are really bored and their phone isn’t charged enough to get distracted online with. So let’s invest in our workplace and get a chair that makes us money, right?

2016-01-04 15.29.10I got this chair on Amazon, it’s named “Spa Luxe Rolling Stool” for $169 plus about $20 for shipping. It comes in three colors; black, white, and clay. It’s made in China, but I couldn’t find a chair with back support made in the USA unless it was $400+ per chair, and was made for physician offices, and lacked the saddle bottom. So China it is. If someone can link me a chair made in the USA that will not break a salons budget, considering they have to buy multiple chairs for their salon, please let me know.

It has an adjustable height range of 18 – 25 inches, and weighs 22 pounds. The base and chair are very sturdy. You can tilt the butt part towards your workstation or away from it, which saves me from leaning over to my clients hands. You can lower and heighten the lumbar support to your height, which I love because I am really short (5’0″) and lumbar support fitting correctly has forever been an issue for me. Then you can also raise and lower the seat, so you can have it at the right height for a desk, or as a regular stool. I like this because my workstation is desk height, but my pedicure work area is not, so I can use the chair for both and still work comfortably.

The wheels are hard plastic, but you can buy rubber ones if you want anywhere. Just get a size M10 x 15MM to replace them with. They roll great on my tile and hardwood floor, but I imagine it would not so much on carpet, much like other plastic wheeled things. The fabric is PVC free vinyl.

2016-01-04 15.28.45The saddle part is key for long workday comfort. No, you will not be comfortable sitting in it with short shorts or a short skirt because it makes you sit with correct posture and that involves not sitting with your knees clamped together. You cannot sit with crossed legs or ankles, but to have correct posture and support for your spine and lower back, you’re not supposed to sit like that anyway!

I really enjoy how easy it is to sit on and stand up off of, how simple it was to put together (literally 3 pieces), how solid the construction is, how the backing and seat have a zipper to remove the cover if you want to, and how big the saddle is to properly support your thighs and tailbone.

It will save your body because you won’t be leaning over to look at your clients hands, your back will be supported by a non flimsy back support, you can adjust it 4 ways to really custom fit your body, your hips will be evenly supported by your legs, and you don’t have to remember to sit straight. It makes it comfortable to sit correctly. Honestly you could buy the backless stool as well, but I really found a difference in having that gentle pressure on my back for support. It’s only like $10 more for back support and three more adjustable levers, so I say spend the extra $10.

Before this, I had a regular chair that just killed me even after just one service. everything hurt. Then I had a standard office chair, which was a little better on my butt, but my back still howled because I am too short for the lumbar support, and to even try to get it I would have to sit back in the chair, which I couldn’t if I wanted to see, so two pillows behind me later to support my back..and they would fall on the floor a lot. Ugh. I would flip a table, but I’m to tired just thinking about it.

I hope this review was helpful for you, and of course welcome your feedback so that we can all have a more comfortable workplace! Would you consider this a dream chair to work in, or do you have a favorite that our fellow beauty professionals should consider?