Ah Zoya. It’s nearly a household name in the nail industry. And there are many reasons why! Is it worth your salons’ investment into the line? Let’s find out.



First, let’s go over the important product questions that a professional would want to know before investing in a product line:

All made in USA?  Yes, in Cleveland Ohio
MSDS Sheet Available? Yes, Just Email them for it on their Contact Us Box.
100% Vegan?  Yes
100% Animal Testing Free?  Yes
100%  Nut Free?  Polishes yes, Smart Spa line no
Is it Hypoallergenic?  No
Does it Contain Dibutyl Phthalate? No
Does it Contain Toluene?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde?  No
Does it Contain Formaldehyde Resin?  No
Does it Contain Parabens?  Yes
Does it Contain Xylene?  Yes
Base Coat Separate?  Yes
Top Coat Separate?  Yes
Matte Finish available?  Yes
Number of Single Colors Available?  About 400 Shades
Fine Glitter Available?  Yes
Coarse Glitter Available?  Yes
Treatment for Nail bed Sensitivity Available?  No, but its not needed.
Type of Prep Needed? Standard Manicure to Remove Excess Skin and Oils, Base Coat, 2 Coats Color, Top Coat.
Performs on Natural Nail?  Yes
Performs on Builder Gel?  Yes
Duration of wear?  About a week
Price Point?  Approx. $8 retail, $4.50 with a professional account
Able to use with other base coats and top coats?  Yes
Free Returns and Exchanges?  Yes within 10 days of purchase, less shipping
Free Shipping?  Yes for orders over $55, otherwise $6.95

Customer Experience: 

Art of Beauty (ZOYA’s Parent company) is a heavy hitter in the nail industry, and for good reason. They were one of the first lines to remove the most toxic chemicals from nail polish while delivering on salon performance. On my kids I can literally do one coat on their nails and it looks like I did two. They are always coming out with new stuff that makes me happy to do business with them while maintaining their vegan, cruelty free, nut free for polishes statuses.

Their product didn’t make it to me for their new spring line before my welcome letter from my professional account representative, but after an email it was sent promptly. Before I had bought from them with a non-licensed account, so maybe there was confusion in getting that info across on their end.

My emails were always answered within a day or two, product arrived via USPS well packed and labeled.

I understand everyone has a budget with their product spending for their salon, and I do too. There are things we all feel is worth splurging money on, and things that we feel should restrain ourselves within our budget.  I would spend a lot more on high quality hard gel than a nail polish, but I will have to expect the polish price to be a little more expensive than something I could buy at a dollar store for branding, performance, animal production/testing status, toxin free ingredients and color depth. The depth of color in the pigments used matter a lot to me, because people will look at that color and will make their opinion if you are a good tech or not based on how rocking that paint job is. You’re an artist, and this is one of your mediums to create with. It deserves respect.

There has to be depth in pigments used to create good paint. So many polishes are inexpensive, but look like cheap, flat, one-dimensional color. This is a good example of gaging the depth of color: when you go into a room, look at the paint on the wall and notice if it looks the same or different in different types of light. Good paint will show dimension in different types of light. In the morning it takes on a deep hue of the color, midday it has a cheery brightness, and at night it seems to quiet down and encourage sleep. Yes, I honestly look for this in polish. Color has a huge impact on people in ways that they don’t realize in their everyday life.

I feel bad for people that paint their bedrooms bright orange or red, people get overexcited by these colors and usually arguments erupt. Ever heard of “screaming yellow”? Yeah, it’s from the color in that room that irritates people. Same for those that paint kitchens and dining rooms calming colors and have neutral cabinets/counter tops/floors/furniture. People don’t chat as much in these social rooms, or eat as much…meaning you’ll have lots of leftovers in your house after an event!
It’s the same reason why most restaurants use warm colors in their decor, to get you social, make you eat fast, and get out so they can turn and burn that station/make bigger profits in shorter amounts of time. So yeah, color is important!


Product Performance: 

The bottles are easy to hold, wipe off excess, are compact enough to easily store in a drawer, and come off nicely with remover. One coat colors well, and two finishes it. They do not have a strong odor, but it does have some because otherwise it would lack the ingredients to help it air dry and you’d be sitting for a looooong time to wait for it to be done.
The spring collection reminds me a lot of colors that people are using to paint the interiors of their houses with; grayish blues, taupes, gray, grayish pinks, and so on. I could only wear it for 6 days before wanting to change it like 4 times. The color is true to bottle though, and it’s been a month of wear on my toes with no chipping. Yes I have ugly little toes, but I am not a foot model so bite my ass if you want this free blog to hire a foot model to wear some polish lol!IMAG0080

I’m still not sold on their topcoats, but until I can find a vegan, cruelty free one I’m stuck with Zoya. After wearing gel polishes, its hard to find a powerful gloss top coat in nail lacquers.


Is there a nail lacquer line you use that costs under $5/bottle? Let me know in the comments below!